About Marc

Bespoke furniture carpenter
Marc Pincente is a Cape Town based bespoke furniture carpenter specialising in solid wood furniture like tables, reception desks, chairs and book shelves.
Our bespoke furniture designs are custom designed to meet each individual clients specific needs.

His hand crafted furniture is made from wood including Iroko (African Teak), African Wallnut, Oak, Black Wood or Limabali, all sourced from sustainable / eco friendly timber sources.
Marc will meet any potential Cape Town based client for a personal design brief at their residence or workplace in Cape Town to discuss specific bespoke furniture needs. Our unique Wood Turning Lathe can handle tree trunks of up to 1,2 metres from which beautiful bespoke coffee tables, side tables or chairs are created.
Marc Pincente's solid wood furniture oozes uniqness and creativity and examples of his custom fitting bespoke furniture can be viewed all over Cape Town.

Smaller wooden bespoke items such as cheese boards, wooden fruit bowls, wooden cutlery boxes, egg trays etc. which can be branded is also manufactured.
Items are custom branded with a branding iron.  
 Some well know bespoke solid wood furniture design clients include:
The Radisson Hotel on the Cape Town Waterfront (Large reception desk)
Eden Island, Seychelles
Lust Bistro at Buitenverwachting Wine Esate, Cape Town
Windtown South Africa, Langebaan

Marc also supplies all of the Mellissa Foods outlets in South Africa with bespoke wooden cutlery boxes.

"From early days, I remember looking forward to the afternoons spent with my Grandfather, Godfrey Terrey, in his dusty old workshop.
Hand tools, tradition and an ever critical eye, set me in line for the passion and enjoyment I get every time I start work on a new piece.
The smell of cut wood, the texture of the grain and the unrestricted possibilities of this medium, set it apart from anything else."

Wood lives on after it has been felled and it is our privelage as carpenters to create timeless furniture for generations to come.